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Corporate Consulting and M&A


The Firm is able to provide assistance on corporate aspects, related to ordinary business as well as extraordinary transactions, such as: acquisition/sales of assets, mergers, demergers, transformations and reorganizations in general.


The Firm is also very careful to how a company is managed and controlled. In this regard, we orient clients towards efficiency and balance in corporate governance, in ways that minimise the responsibilities of Directors and mitigate the risks of conflict between shareholders.


We also draw up, in collaboration with the solicitors, the ordinary agreements of the companies, protecting the interests of our customer and minimizing the tax implications.


As far as the M&A sector is concerned, we are in contact with potential industrial partners and merchant banks for venture capital transactions.


We support and represent the client in the negotiations, by a group of experts we carry out the necessary due diligence, appraisals and evaluations.

 Reference Partners and Associates

  • Dott. Mario Bampo

  • Dott. Alessandro Bampo

  • Dott. Federica Monti

  • Dott. Marianna De Martin

  • Dott. Alessia Panciera

  • Dott. Elisa Bisconti

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