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Business Crisis

The Firm is able to assist its clients for the solution of business crisis situations, both by supporting individual companies and corporate groups.


We assist companies in identifying the most appropriate legal instrument to manage crisis situations on the basis of a preliminary assessment of the degree and type of debts.


We examine all issues that are relevant to access to the bankruptcy procedure, including the possibility of transferring individual assets or business units, the division of creditors into classes and the leasing of companies.


We act as financial advisor in the preparation of arrangement plans, assisting the company's management in the preparation and analysis of the plan in close collaboration with the legal advisors in the preparation of the appeal and compliance with the requirements of the Court.


We support companies in defining the different legal, economic and financial impacts for the purposes of the proposal for a composition with creditors. We assist them with the bodies of the procedure and in the comparative assessments in the eventual liquidation of individual assets and/or business units.


We support corporate bodies in analyzing the impact that the crisis may have on their responsibilities.

  Reference Partners and Associate

  • Dott. Alessandro Bampo

  • Dott. Federica Monti

  • Dott. Marianna De Martin

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